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01125431 Budgeting Management of Cooperatives 3(3-0-6)

Pre: 01130172

Meaning, importance and types of budgeting. Budgeting planning and techniques of controlling. Application of accounting data for administration and decision making, follow-up and evaluation. Problems and obstacles in budgeting cooperatives in Thailand.

01125432 Computer Application in Cooperatives Sciences 3(2-2-6)

Concept of databases managements, Database design by creation of simple tables, reports and form’s.

01125433 Information Technology for Cooperatives Management 3(2-2-6)

Basic concepts of information technology. Roles and importance of information technology to business management of cooperatives. Information technology development plan for cooperatives. Application of information technology in cooperatives business management. Application of office automation software for cooperatives. Data communication and computer network. Cooperatives and electronic commerce. and database system.

01125434 Supply Chain Management in Cooperatives Business 3(3-0-6)

Pre: 01125112

Fundamentals of supply chain management. Development of supply chain .Collaboration strategies and business alternative from supply chain management, Case studies.

01125435 Logistics Management for Cooperatives Business 3(3-0-6)

Pre: 01125212

Concepts and fundamental of logistics management, logistics management and supply chain management. Application of logistics management in business of cooperatives, procurement, production, distribution, transportation, warehouse management, and related information technology.

01125436 Risk Management Cooperatives 3(3-0-6)

The knowledge and skills about risk management. The course comprise of a concise history of risk helps explain the current perceptions and beliefs about. The fundamental principles and practices in risk management used in risk evolution and management, risk management process. Tools and techniques of risk management apply of cooperatives. Furthermore. The tactical risk and strategic risk enables a better grasp of the complex interaction of risk, environment and management. The identify future issues and trends in risk management.The case study of cooperative’s risk management.



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